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DASP Olympic torch reaches Thomas Hardye

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DASP students have been passing their own Olympic Torch from school to school over the last couple of months. At the start of the Spring term it was Thomas Hardye’s turn, having received the Torch from Dorchester Middle School before Christmas. Thomas Hardye then had to pass the Torch on to the Dorchester Learning Centre and decided to do it by running to the top of Maiden Castle.

Olympic torch going up Maiden Castle

Our Student Voice turned out in good numbers on a wet, cold day to take the torch across the fields and up to the top of the hill. They were met there by students from the Learning Centre and posed for photos.

Each school in the DASP Partnership has tried to come up with an exciting way to carry the Torch. This has involved army vehicles, fire engines, horse drawn carriages, limousines, boats and processions with banners. The Thomas Hardye Student Voice has supported this throughout, by sending students to work with First and Middle schools on Olympics based projects. While there, they are filming their work and the Torch handovers.

All DASP students and pupils, will surely remember the days the DASP Torch came to their school for the rest of their lives. It will also prepare them very well for when the actual Olympic Flame passes through Dorset in the summer. Our schools have also re-inforced the message of Olympic values with the young people. Through this, they will have a greater appreciation for what the Olympics mean and why it is exciting that it is not only coming to our country, but also Dorset itself.

Olympic torch up Maiden Castle

To find out more about the DASP Olympic Torch Project, see the pages at the DASP website. You can see photos and videos of all the Torch handovers. More films by THS students will be added in the near future.

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Olympic torch reaches the top of Maiden Castle
DASP Olympic torch reaches the top of Maiden Castle

January 2012