The Thomas Hardye School

Thomas Hardye Election - 4th December 2019

See the Party Political Broadcasts here:

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The candidates are:

The Conservative Party
(William Bishop)

The Liberal Democrat Party
(Michael Young)

The Labour Party
(Samuel Wilkinson)

The Communist Party
(Cecilia Kaas)

The Green Party
(Anna Lewis)




There is also another election taking place on December 12th!

Well done to Barney Lines Hembrey  who arranged for all 4 candidates to attend a School Hustings on 20th November.

Kelvin Clayton spacerChris Loder

Ed Morellospacer Claudia Sorin


Kelvin Clayton - Green Party

Chris Loder - Conservative Party

Ed Morello - Liberal Democrat

Claudia Sorin - Labour Party

Group Photo


December 2019